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Avoiding distracted driving is a safety priority

New Yorkers taking to the roadways are right to be concerned about the prevalence and danger of distracted driving. As smartphones have become more popular, they have been accompanied by a range of apps that provide easy and tempting distractions for drivers behind the wheel. In recent years, there has been a continuous rise in the number of car accidents that cause fatalities, and a number of researchers have connected this growing risk with the rise of smartphone communication.

Brooklyn gas station could pose risk to schoolchildren

Brooklyn pedestrians are facing danger when they walk along the streets, according to some local parents concerned about the traffic near a gas station on Fourth Avenue. The service station is located near an elementary school in the Sunset Park neighborhood, and parents say that children and families walking to and from the school a block away often must dodge cars racing to get gas. Many times, the cars actually drive up on the sidewalk in violation of traffic laws.

Study shows speeding to blame for increase in traffic deaths

Many New York residents may already be aware that traffic deaths across the U.S. have continued to increase over the last few years. However, many traffic experts are not entirely sure why. While some may theorize that the overall increase in driving and the use of smartphones by both motorists and pedestrians are to blame, another study has determined that speeding is the major factor.

When people should report accidents in New York

Each year in New York, thousands of motor vehicle accidents happen. When people are involved in accidents, they might wonder whether they are required to report them or if they can instead handle them on their own without police involvement. It is important for drivers to understand their requirements for reporting accidents.

IIHS reports falling driver fatality rates

The risk of death in a motor vehicle accident is significantly lower for drivers of late-model vehicles, according to the results of a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The IIHS attributes much of the lessened fatality risk to improvements in vehicle design. Among vehicles from the 2011 model year, nine have driver fatality rates of zero. From this study, New York drivers may be able to gain insight into how technology is making cars safer.

Texting while driving recognized as roadway danger

One of the most dangerous actions for a driver behind the wheel is texting while driving, as recognized by the vast majority of survey participants in Brooklyn and throughout the United States. Distracted driving, such as using social media or texting behind the wheel, has been responsible for a number of serious motor vehicle accidents. One study conducted by Harris Poll found that large numbers of Americans recognize the dangers of this behavior, even though social media and texting while driving continue to pose a serious threat to other drivers and passengers.

Study links Pokéstops to increase in traffic accidents

Pokémon Go was launched in July 2016 and continues to draw millions of smartphone users; however, the game has reportedly contributed to an increase in accidents and injuries, many of them on the road. New York residents may want to know that a recent study from Purdue University has estimated that increase in accidents, especially within the first five months of the game's existence.

Keeping teens with ADHD out of car crashes

A recent study published by JAMA Pediatrics claims that teens with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are one-third more likely to get in a car accident than those without the condition. ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder, the symptoms of which include a lack of focus, impulsive behavior, and signs of hyperactivity like excessive talking. These make people with the condition more prone to distracted driving. However, before drivers in New York start to worry, researchers for the study say that this statistic isn't alarming.

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