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What drivers should document after a car crash

Car crashes can result in serious property damage and injuries. New York residents should know, then, what they are expected to do in the wake of a crash. First, it is important to keep calm, as this will allow drivers to remember vital details. They should call 911 if anyone is injured and requires immediate help.

GHSA recommends ways to reduce fatal speeding crashes

Speeding is behind nearly a third of all automobile-related fatalities. Unfortunately, many drivers in New York and across the U.S. have not been properly educated on its dangers. Some even believe that speeding is culturally acceptable. A report from the Governors Highway Safety Association looks afresh at the challenge and comes up with ways to address it.

Cellphone use changes over period of four years

These days, drivers in New York are less likely to make phone calls while behind the wheel. However, they are more likely to send text messages or check their emails instead. This was the main takeaway from researchers who analyzed data from a survey taken in 2014 and again in 2018. While today's drivers may be performing riskier actions on their phones, the research did not indicate that there was an increase in distracted driving between 2014 and 2018.

Ridesharing drivers put others at risk through drowsiness

Ridesharing drivers generally receive low fares but also various salary incentives. These factors often urge them on to work even when they are drowsy. New York residents should know that the American Academy of Sleep Medicine has a position statement out, published in April 2018 in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, that calls drowsy driving in the ridesharing industry a public safety risk.

AAA finds what's most distracting on infotainment systems

Infotainment systems can come with features that allow drivers to call, text, surf the web and even finger paint. Researchers analyzed 30 such systems on new 2017 vehicles and argue that many of the features are not only irrelevant to driving but also dangerous. They can lead to inattention behind the wheel, which is already a major issue in New York and elsewhere in the U.S.

Seat belts diminish severity of liver injuries

The liver and spleen are the two most commonly injured organs in motor vehicle accidents. While a spleen can be surgically removed in an emergency, a liver cannot, which is why preventing liver injuries is of the utmost importance. New York residents should know that researchers from the NYU Langone Hospital-Brooklyn have a study out showing the benefits of seat belt use in this regard.

Road rage, and how to defuse it

Road rage is all too common in New York, but there are several tips that one can follow when faced with an aggressive or impatient driver. It could make all the difference between getting in a crash and avoiding one. For instance, drivers can maintain more "breathing room" from the vehicle in front during traffic jams; that way, if an impatient driver gets too close, they can easily escape.

Proposed bill seeks to reduce deadly truck crashes

Safety advocates in New York are concerned about the danger posed by often-deadly underride truck crashes. These type of accidents occur when a passenger car slides underneath the front, side or rear of a large commercial truck. In many cases, the top of the car is crushed or severed, causing catastrophic and often fatal injuries. Severe head and neck injuries are closely linked to underride crashes, including decapitations. Indeed, every year, hundreds of people lose their lives in severe trucking crashes that include underride damage.

Study: automated brakes greatly reduce rear-end collisions

When they were designed, automatic emergency braking systems were expected to have a moderate impact on the safety of drivers in New York and across the country. Now, a recent study suggests that the improvement to vehicle safety provided by automatic emergency brakes is far greater than anticipated.

States' car crash data distorted by incomplete police reports

Police in New York may discern certain insufficiencies in the reports they make of auto accidents. A study from the National Safety Council shows that these insufficiencies are found nationwide and will only hinder attempts at addressing the various factors behind car crashes. It is a timely study because the number of fatal car crashes has been increasing; 2016 saw over 40,000 crash fatalities.

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