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3 injured in crash outside Brooklyn restaurant

Sometimes people wind up getting into motor vehicle accidents that are at least partially their fault. The driver may have rolled through an intersection and struck the car whose driver had the right of way. A pedestrian may have stepped off too quickly into the street before the line of cars fully passed. A cyclist may have been riding the wrong way against traffic.

Drunk driving crashes claim many lives each day

Drunk drivers are a huge problem in this country. When a person opts to drink and drive, they are making a decision that could impact the life of an innocent victim. This doesn't stop them from getting behind the wheel of a vehicle, so they try to make it to their destination without any problems. While it is possible for other drivers to avoid them sometimes, things don't always work that way.

Common causes for car crashes to remember

Motor vehicle crashes can lead to catastrophic injuries for the victims. Because of this, all drivers must take the time to drive safely each time they get out on the roads. Taking the time to brush up on some of the more common accident types might help drivers to avoid getting into those types of wrecks.

Many car crash claims are settled without a trial

When you're struck by another driver, you might suffer serious injuries. This can result in the need for medical care and may lead to other life changes for you. One option that you have if this occurs is to seek compensation for the financial damages that you've suffered by filing a personal injury claim in the civil court system.

More than cellphones distract drivers in this country

Distracted driving is a huge issue in this country. Whether you're driving on the busy city streets or heading out toward the countryside, you need to ensure that you're giving your full attention to driving. Unfortunately, your ability to remain safe while you're on the roads also depends on others who are on the roads.

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