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Construction Site Accidents Archives

New York's 'Scaffold Law' is unique to our state

Many Brooklyn construction workers are completely unaware about a law that is unique to the state of New York — the Scaffold Law. This law holds that a construction company or building owner is completely responsible for all "gravity-related" injuries that occur to the construction workers on the property.

Why did my workers' comp claim get denied? 3 reasons

When you got hurt on the job at the construction site, you filed a workers' compensation claim for your injuries. You thought that it would be an open-and-shut case and you would receive benefits for a few weeks or months before returning to your job on the work crew.

Are you at risk of crushing injuries on the job?

Crushing injuries on construction sites are some of the most deadly and life-altering. These injuries occur when a worker's body or body parts get caught between two objects. Sometimes, a crushing injury happens when a crane loses its load and it falls onto the unfortunate workers toiling beneath it.

Brooklyn company fined, cited in worker's 2019 death

A Brooklyn construction company faces fines for safety violations after a worker died in a building collapse last November. SP&K Construction owes over $77,000 in fines for the 11 safety violations for which the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cited them after last year's deadly debacle. The construction accident occurred in Brighton Beach and cost a worker his life.

Defective power tools can injure construction workers

Construction workers use a host of tools to get their job duties done on a daily basis. When these tools are in good condition and working properly, they pose little risk and provide considerable benefits to the workers. Unfortunately, there are times when the tools might stop working properly. This may be due to normal wear and tear, but it might also be the result of a defect in the tool.

Construction companies must develop fluid safety plans

Construction sites contain heavy equipment and other materials and tools to get the structures erected. While these are critical to the job, they also pose hazards to the workers. It is up to the construction companies to ensure that they are providing a safe working environment for their workers. Because the risks and hazards of the equipment used in construction are well-known, there isn't any viable reason for companies to allow the workers to face unchecked hazards.

Companies must set strict safety rules for moving equipment

Construction sites are often busy and full of activity. This makes having to drive heavy equipment or vehicles a challenge because the driver must ensure they're not going to run over anyone or pin someone against something. Every construction company should have specific guidelines in place to ensure that all workers can do their job safely around these moving machines.

Third-party claims for defective equipment issues

Construction workers don't deserve to have to work in an unsafe environment. Unfortunately, this is sometimes the situation they're placed in. While there are times when the construction company is liable for the injuries the worker suffers, this isn't always the case. There are instances in which the worker suffers harm because of defective equipment.

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