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September 2020 Archives

New York's 'Scaffold Law' is unique to our state

Many Brooklyn construction workers are completely unaware about a law that is unique to the state of New York — the Scaffold Law. This law holds that a construction company or building owner is completely responsible for all "gravity-related" injuries that occur to the construction workers on the property.

Commercial painters face serious hazards on the job

Painting professionally in a commercial setting, such as for construction projects or building renovations, can be a lucrative career. You may enjoy watching the transformation that takes place as you work on a painting project and see the space take on a new life. However, as with many jobs that have a connection with construction work, you face serious risks to your health and well-being while on the job.

Why did my workers' comp claim get denied? 3 reasons

When you got hurt on the job at the construction site, you filed a workers' compensation claim for your injuries. You thought that it would be an open-and-shut case and you would receive benefits for a few weeks or months before returning to your job on the work crew.

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