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March 2020 Archives

Reduce or eliminate distractions while driving

Drivers need to be able to devote their full attention to the roadway, so there isn't any room for distractions of any type. While many people automatically associate cellphones with distracted driving, there are many things that can cause a driver's focus to divert from the roadway.

Construction industry sees uptick in elevator-related fatalities

Working in the construction industry is inherently risky, with the nature of your job exposing you to numerous potential health and injury hazards every day. While fall risks, in particular, are highly common in your line of work, the number of construction workers losing their lives in falls involving elevators is on the rise.

Americans are apprehensive about computers driving cars

Vehicles that operate on New York roads and others throughout the country have limited autonomous capabilities. However, according to AAA, it is unlikely that there will be a truly self-driving car on the road for many years or decades to come. This is partially because Americans have many questions about how safe such a vehicle would be. A survey conducted by AAA revealed that only 12% of respondents would feel comfortable riding in a car that drove itself.

Class bias one reason why drivers may not yield to pedestrians

The Journal of Transport & Health has published the results of a study analyzing the various factors that can influence a driver's decision to yield or not yield to a pedestrian. Drivers in New York should know that 6,283 pedestrians were killed in the U.S. in 2018.

Risk factors for drunk driving

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, roughly one-third of motor vehicle crashes are caused by drunk or impaired drivers. Furthermore, it is estimated that one person is killed every 50 minutes in a drunk driving crash in New York or elsewhere in America. NHTSA data indicates that men are statistically more likely to cause a drunk driving crash compared to women.

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