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January 2020 Archives

Finding out who was at fault in multi-car collisions

Brooklyn residents who have been involved in a multi-vehicle crash probably know how hard it can be to determine fault. It takes all kinds of evidence to do this: the police reports, for example, and even evidence from the crash site like skid marks and vehicle debris. Eyewitness testimony frequently helps, too, even if it is testimony from the drivers themselves who were in the crash.

Avoiding the top four common types of auto accidents

New York drivers may want to hear what the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has to say about the four most common types of car accidents. They are front-impact, side-impact, rear-end and parking lot collisions. Drivers can usually prevent each one by following certain safety tips.

When to replace a child’s car seat after a crash

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends buckling children under age 12 in the back seat of your vehicle. Depending on the height and weight of your son or daughter, you should also use an appropriate child car seat or booster seat. While most safety-rated car seats contain high-quality materials that are strong and durable, they are not invincible. 

Red-light cameras stir controversy despite the good they do

New York residents may or may not support the use of red-light cameras at certain intersections. Nationwide, there has been controversy over these devices, and as a result, fewer communities are installing them. In 2012, 533 communities had them, but by mid-2018, that number fell to 421.

Drivers claim anti-drunk-driving IID a distraction on the road

Brooklyn residents may have heard of the ignition interlock device, an in-car breathalyzer that prevents drunk drivers from heading out on the road. The number of IIDs installed has grown from 133,000 to 350,000 over the past decade, and 34 states have a law requiring these devices in the vehicles of DUI offenders. Those states, incidentally, see 15% fewer alcohol-related crash fatalities than the other states.

Park Slope crash results in new law

In New York state, a new law prohibits drivers who fall asleep behind the wheel to drive again until they have been cleared by a doctor. The law was created after an accident in 2018 that left two people dead and three people injured. One of the injured victims was a pregnant woman who would later miscarry her child. The driver who caused the crash had a seizure before running a red light at Ninth Street and Fifth Avenue.

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