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December 2019 Archives

Study finds dangers associated with car safety systems

Some New York drivers who have safety technology installed in their vehicles may actually be more dangerous on the road than if they did not have it. Some experts say drivers need to be better educated about what these systems are and are not capable of.

More than 40% of construction worker deaths stem from falls

Construction sites are undeniably dangerous places to make a living. If you are among the many people across New York who work in construction, you may have firsthand knowledge of the field’s numerous hazards. While some construction site accidents are likely preventable, others are less so. Construction site falls may land themselves in either category, depending on circumstances.

Drowsy driving may be far deadlier than official figures suggest

Drowsy driving has been a serious road safety issue in New York and around the country for many years, and studies suggest that the problem is far more widespread than government figures suggest. Crashes caused by fatigued drivers claimed 795 lives in 2017 according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, but researchers from the American Automobile Association say that the true death toll is much higher. The nonprofit organization Foundation for Traffic Safety has reported that drowsy driving causes about 6,400 fatal car accidents in the United States every year.

Legislation aims to stop drunk drivers before they start

People in New York are often concerned about the dangers of drunk driving. After all, every day, 30 people across the country lose their lives in car accidents caused by drivers under the influence. After a drunk driving conviction, drivers may be required to install an ignition interlock device that allows them to only start the car after blowing a clean Breathalyzer test. However, this equipment is not included on standard vehicles, and it can be expensive to install when ordered by a court. Some members of Congress want to change that and mandate that all cars be equipped with alcohol-detection technology.

How opioids may be behind many fatal two-car crashes

Residents of New York who use opioids for chronic pain or acute injuries probably know what the effects can be like. For people who are not used to the effects, it is common to experience psychomotor and cognitive impairment. Opioids can cause drowsiness and impair judgment. It's not surprising, then, that opioid use and driving do not go together.

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