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May 2019 Archives

Proving negligence in civil lawsuits can be done in many ways

New York residents who take legal action to recover damages after being injured in car accidents usually base their lawsuits on alleged acts of negligence. In order to prove a case based on the common law principle of negligence, they must establish that the driver who caused the accident owed them a duty of care that was not met. They must also prove, based on a preponderance of the evidence, that they sustained their injuries as a direct consequence.

Excavation accidents are part of the Fatal Four

Construction accidents can happen in numerous ways, with the most common earning the somber name of the Fatal Four. The first three are falls, impact from objects and electrocution. The fourth, "caught-in/between," encompasses a broader scope. It involves a person being compressed from or becoming stuck under a material, structure or equipment.

Drowsy driving, and how to prevent it

Brooklyn residents should know that drowsiness and driving do not go well together. A 2018 AAA study found that 9.5% of all car crashes are caused by sleepy drivers. The National Sleep Foundation says that going without sleep for 24 hours will have an effect similar to that of having a BAC of .10, surpassing the legal limit of .08.

Speeding to be focus of 2019 Operation Safe Driver Week

The Operation Safe Driver Week, an annual campaign held by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, is to be held this year in mid-July. Both passenger vehicle and commercial motor vehicle drivers in New York and across the U.S. (across all of North America, in fact) will be affected.

Study: fatal crash risk doubles when drivers take opioids

Approximately 7% of all fatal car crashes in the U.S. involve opioids. Drivers in Brooklyn should know that opioids can make one dizzy and sedated, taking away their alertness and slowing their reactions. Most opioid medications have warnings on their labels saying that one should not take them before driving or operating heavy machinery, but these warnings are being ignored.

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