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March 2019 Archives

"Textalyzer" may let police determine distracted driving

New York residents may remember that the state proposed a measure back in 2017 that would allow police to use "textalyzers" to determine distracted driving. That measure failed, but Nevada has introduced a similar proposal. The textalyzer was developed by the Israel-based company Cellebrite to check for any user activity, such as opening a Facebook messenger call screen. It does not access or store personal content.

NHTSA yet to act on proposals for preventing truck crashes

The number of large truck crash fatalities in 2017 came to 4,102, which was a 28 percent increase from 2009. Of those fatalities, 68 percent were car occupants and 14 percent were pedestrians, bicycle riders or motorcyclists. New York residents should know that many truck safety groups are advocating devices like forward crash avoidance and mitigation technology on all heavy trucks as a way to reduce these numbers.

Daylight saving time means greater risk for car crashes

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has some startling statistics about drowsy driving that residents of New York will want to keep in mind, especially when daylight saving time robs them of an hour of sleep. Experts recommended at least seven hours of sleep each night. Someone who misses one or two hours of sleep within a 24-hour period nearly doubles their risk for a car crash.

GHSA report reveals surge in pedestrian deaths

Pedestrian fatalities in New York and around the country have risen by an alarming 51 percent over the last 10 years. The 6,227 killed in 2018 is the highest annual pedestrian death toll since 1990, according to a report released recently by the Governors Highway Safety Administration. While studies reveal that foot traffic has increased slightly in recent years, most experts put the rise in pedestrian deaths down to other factors such as the growing popularity of SUVs and the widespread use of cell phones by drivers.

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