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December 2018 Archives

Road rage, and how to defuse it

Road rage is all too common in New York, but there are several tips that one can follow when faced with an aggressive or impatient driver. It could make all the difference between getting in a crash and avoiding one. For instance, drivers can maintain more "breathing room" from the vehicle in front during traffic jams; that way, if an impatient driver gets too close, they can easily escape.

Proposed bill seeks to reduce deadly truck crashes

Safety advocates in New York are concerned about the danger posed by often-deadly underride truck crashes. These type of accidents occur when a passenger car slides underneath the front, side or rear of a large commercial truck. In many cases, the top of the car is crushed or severed, causing catastrophic and often fatal injuries. Severe head and neck injuries are closely linked to underride crashes, including decapitations. Indeed, every year, hundreds of people lose their lives in severe trucking crashes that include underride damage.

Crane safety and final rule from OSHA

Workers in New York who routinely use cranes to execute their job duties may be interested to learn about a final rule published by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The rule explains the certification requirements for crane operators and mandates that employers have to ensure that crane operators are able to operate the equipment safely.

Study: automated brakes greatly reduce rear-end collisions

When they were designed, automatic emergency braking systems were expected to have a moderate impact on the safety of drivers in New York and across the country. Now, a recent study suggests that the improvement to vehicle safety provided by automatic emergency brakes is far greater than anticipated.

How dangerous is it to drive in Brooklyn?

New York drivers may have a reputation for driving aggressively, but that does not always translate into increased risk for drivers in New York City and the surrounding areas. There are many factors that come into play in terms of car crashes in Brooklyn, and not all crashes involve negligent or aggressive drivers.

Fatal construction accident in New York blamed on high winds

Falling debris at a construction site in Brooklyn killed a 44-year-old man the day before Thanksgiving. Two of his sons were working with him at 859 Myrtle Avenue, and one son pulled his father from beneath the metal wall that fell on him. In a press conference, the son said that no one should have been working on the roof that day because of the high winds. He insisted that the accident did not have to happen.

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