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Where do most car accidents occur in Brooklyn?

A car crash can occur at a moment's notice. As much as someone may take precautions to avoid such an auto accident, you cannot always anticipate how other drivers will behave. 

Part of anticipating other drivers' behavior involves knowing what areas of the city are prone to traffic collisions. Although they can occur anywhere, research from Auto Insurance Center has found the areas of New York, particularly Brooklyn, where car crashes are most likely to occur. According to data from recent years, Queens has the highest rate of collisions out of the boroughs. However, Brooklyn is not far behind, and it actually has the highest rate of car accident fatalities in the area. 

Intersections with the most collisions

In April of 2015, 14 collisions occurred on Flatbush Avenue and Grand Army Plaza. Close behind with 13 collisions was the intersection at Flatbush Avenue Extension and Tillary Street. Flatbush Avenue is home to many of the borough's accidents, and that should not surprise any locals considering it is a major artery of traffic within the area. Throughout the entirety of the avenue, 166 crashes occurred in that month, with 38 people sustaining injuries. Six of those individuals were pedestrians. 

Most dangerous tunnels, bridges and highways

Within the same time period, 155 collisions occurred on Belt Parkway. Out of those collisions, 57 people suffered injuries while one individual died. The Brooklyn-Queens Expressway is another dangerous roadway with 129 crashes occurring in that month. 

Additional data

The center's research also delved into why these collisions tend to occur. The most common reason for any car accident occurring in New York City is due to the driver's inattention. Approximately 25 percent of crashes occurred due to distractions. Other common explanations for collisions include failure to yield the right-of-way to another vehicle, feeling drowsy and backing unsafely out of a parking spot. Remaining aware of the factors that can lead to an auto accident can help residents reduce accident rates. 

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