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May 2018 Archives

What to do after a car accident occurs

For many New York residents, getting into a car accident is an experience to avoid. However, motorists are always at risk for being involved in motor vehicle accidents no matter how carefully they drive. Therefore, all drivers should be aware of the basic steps to take if one does occur.

Recent Tesla accidents raise concerns, criticism

Anyone in New York who watches the news regularly knows that Tesla's semi-autonomous vehicles are getting in a lot of accidents. One of the more recent crashes occurred in Utah when the driver of a Tesla Model S collided with a fire truck and suffered a broken ankle. While the Autopilot program was on, the driver admitted that she was looking down at her phone when the accident occurred.

Seat belts could help prevent liver injuries in car accidents

Even though seat belts have saved many lives in New York car accidents, there is still some controversy surrounding them. Some believe, for example, that the hazards of seat belt use outweigh the benefits and as long as there are airbags, seat belts are not needed. However, a study found that seat belts reduce the risk of severe liver and spleen injuries, which result in fatal bleeding.

Ridesharing industry at risk for drowsy driving

New York residents who rely on apps like Uber and Lyft to get to their destinations may be interested to learn that some rideshare drivers may be too drowsy to do their jobs. According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, rideshare drivers often start working after already having been awake for hours. This means they could be driving without having had enough rest.

Wearable devices don't make texting while driving safe

The bings and beeps of a mobile phone receiving incoming notifications and texts can be a siren call for many New York drivers. However, the costs of distracted driving can be high, and texting while driving is one of the most well-known dangerous diversions for people behind the wheel. Some drivers may look for alternate solutions that allow them to stay connected while remaining firmly in control of their vehicle; for example, some may wish to turn to a wearable device like Google Glass.

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