Failure To Diagnose A Heart Attack May Be Cause For A Malpractice Lawsuit

A heart attack occurs when one of the heart's arteries becomes severely blocked. When the heart muscle does not receive blood, it begins to die. The severity of a heart attack usually depends on how much of the heart muscle is injured or dies during the attack. Signs and symptoms of a heart attack are varied. Chest pain, dizziness, fainting, pain radiating down the left arm, sweating, palpitations, shortness of breath and nausea are just some of the signs of a heart attack. Doctors and emergency room nurses and residents have a duty to recognize early symptoms of a heart attack and treat them before significant damage is done to your body.

Your chance of surviving a heart attack depends on the treatment you receive within the first hour of the heart attack. You should always call 911 for emergency medical attention if you have any of the above symptoms. Chewing on an aspirin while waiting for help can decrease the risk of death by 25 percent.

At the hospital, laboratory testing and imaging studies should be ordered to determine the exact nature of the problem. Further analysis should include an electrocardiogram. Any delay in correctly diagnosing the problem could result in the patient's death. Once a heart attack has been diagnosed, treatment should begin at once.

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